Thursday, September 16, 2010

Enemies/ Pitch Black Split

Excerpt taken from the Lookout catalog:
"In 2001, Lookout released an all-new classic punk rock split record in the spirit of the Code Of Honor / Sick Pleasure split, the Faith / Void split and "The Shit Split" featuring Blatz and Filth (originally released on Lookout Records in 1991). This time around it was The Enemies and Pitch Black, two incredible East Bay bands. The Enemies are a dark yet melodic trio that successfully balances pop melody with hardcore sensibilities. The Enemies also features Dave Edwardson from Neurosis on bass. Pitch Black are an awesome broodingly brutal threesome that literally  blew up stages throughout the Bay Area with pyrotechnics, blood spitting, and smoke machines."

This was the first release for Pitch Black and The Enemies. Both bands were friends and we wanted to do a classic split record in the old punk tradition. I played guitar and vocals, Martin Munroe played bass and vocals, and Jamie Morrison played drums for Pitch Black. This was the first of the three lineups for Pitch Black. This core group of members would remain the same despite the addition or subtraction of a band member in future lineups.

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