Sunday, July 25, 2010


Here's an out-of-print recording from one of my old bands for you to download. This time its GOODFELLAS, one of the lesser known groups I was part of. We hailed from Oakland, CA from about 1995- 1998. During the lifetime of the band, we recorded one full length LP and one 7" EP. Personally, I don't mind if the LP is lost to time and remains hidden, but I'm still pretty happy with the "E.B.S.R." EP we did. Its really when the band was coming into a sound and direction that I preferred. Friends of ours in other bands, such as Screw 32 and A.F.I., were calling their style of punk rock E.B.H.C. for East Bay Hard Core. So, being the cheeky skate punks that we were, we decided to call our style of punk rock E.B.S.R. for East Bay Skate Rock.

The first lineup for GOODFELLAS was Shawn Chatelain on guitar, Will Thompson on bass, Tom Landon on guitar, Jude Ramirez on drums, and I did vocals. By the time we recorded "E.B.S.R.", Brian Hood had replaced Tom on guitar. Soon after that recording, Will left the band and I played bass as well as did vocals for the remainder of the band's existence.

Although, this wasn't one of the more successful bands I was in, I miss this time incredibly as well as all the guys in the band. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with a couple of them and I only get to see the others on very rare occasions.

Enough rambling. Here's the GOODFELLAS "E.B.S.R." EP...


  1. Hey I was looking for an old punk band that I used to listen to when I was really young and can't get any info. All I remember is the CD cover that had a boy on it in a cowboy costume and the band name was Good Fellas with a song "Blackout" on it. I've searched in streetlight record, google, warehouse records, and dimple records. No one seems to know what I'm talking about. If you have any info that would be amazing. Thanks in advance.


  2. You've got the right Good Fellas. This is the e.p. we followed up that 1st album with.

    That 1st album is definitely out of print. As a matter of fact, the only copy I have is on cassette. I gave away all my CD copies. If I can transfer it digitally, I'll post it on this blog. Just a bit of trivia, that kid in the cowboy costume on the cover, is my dad.

    Thanks for caring about one of my forgotten bands.

  3. Hey Kevin,

    Sorry I haven't checked the blob in a while, my bookmark got lost. I was wondering if you were ever able to digitally transfer the old Good Fellas album? I was just wondering. Thanks man.

    PS: That's awesome it's your pop on the cover. One of the best albums by one of the best bands. Brings me back to skating in santa cruz as a kid. :)