Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Illustration Party Time in iTunes Top 10!

I'm usually not one to subscribe to popularity contests. However,  I was sent an email today that pointed me to the iTunes list of top design podcasts and Big Illustration Party Time is number 9 in the top 10.

The biggest thing this highlights for me is that BIPT did in fact have awesome listeners and we never should have gone away in the first place. I missed doing the show and I missed interacting with all the listeners. I'm glad to be back!

Thanks everyone!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Illustration Party Time

I'm stoked to announce that the podcast, Big Illustration Party Time,  I used to co-host, with my friend Joshua Kemble, is coming back! Big Illustration Party Time has a new URL and we are redoing the show notes for past episodes to make them as current as possible. This will take some time to do, but that ain't gonna stop us from doing new episodes! As a matter of fact, we are hoping to have a new episode posted by February 22, 2011.

If you listened to the show in the past or might have just discovered it, you can contact us at with your questions or comments. We'll read them on the air, so please include your URL so we can give you proper credit. Heck... if you wanna send us an MP3, that'd be super cool! We'll play those too.

Monday, February 14, 2011

T.V. Party

I'm still plugging away, working on a new style for my portfolio. So, I'm finding ways to create assignments for myself and this illustration came about from playing a bit of word association so to speak.

I ran across a photo of some punks sitting outside on an old couch watching as punks and riot cops were battling in the streets of Hanover, Germany. That image made me think of Black Flag's song T.V. Party since the punks in the photo looked as if they could be watching television.

The photo that inspired this illustration by timphotos24
I liked the idea of the punks watching T.V. outside, but I wanted to put them in a more positive setting than a riot. I'm currently living in the Pacific Northwest, so, a forest seemed like a good place to use as the back drop for this illustration. Plus, I felt that this would add interest to the piece as a forest doesn't seem like a common place to watch television.

Lastly, some of the lyrics from the Black Flag song are, " We've got nothing better to do, than watch T.V. and have a couple of brews..." One of the markets I plan on pursuing with my new portfolio is children's books. Therefore, I shouldn't have these young punks drinking beer... hmmm... ah yes! Juice boxes, healthy delicious juice! So, that was the final element to tie this illustration together.