Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Characters in 30 Days: Day 12

Special Agent, CODENAME: Roxie Riot, is an occasional crime-fighting partner of the infamous Monkey Mod. A former freelance illustrator, Roxie has discovered that the spy game actually pays the bills. She has fantastic taste in music and a way cooler record collection than almost everyone. When she's not thwarting the bad guys, she works on mini-comics and is a sometimes contributor to the zine, RADIO.


  1. i wish i could color my dailys as well and efficiently as you, i'm digging her look~!!

  2. Thanks KC! My secret is that I'm working a lot smaller on these than I would normally on my regular illustration work... oh and... I'm probably spending too much time on 'em too.

  3. Cool... I think I dated her in High School... no, wait, I wanted to date her in High School but was too intimidated.