Saturday, November 27, 2010

30 Characters in 30 Days: Day 27

I'd love to describe Ripper Shreds to you, but Suicidal Tendencies do such a good job in their lyrics to "Possessed to Skate" :

"Seemed like such an innocent toy
Got a skate at eight years old
He was the All-American boy
Now the story can be told

Beware he's possessed to skate!

Skating takes him up in height
He's a pilot on a modern flight
See him flying through the air

If he don't land then he don't care

When he skates-he skates
Cause he never hesitates
Cause he rips-he rips
Like a modern gladiator ain't got no fears
He's the wizard on the wheels
So skate

He shoots the pool like a launching pad

Skating is all that's on his mind
If it ain't insane then you can't get rad
He's skating radical all the time

Beware he's possessed to skate!

Six foot airiels inverts backside

Looks like a magic carpet ride

Optical illusion it must be

He redefines insanity

Doesn't understand why you'd wanna walk
Ain't got time to sit and talk
Used to be just like you and me

Now he's an outcast of society

Beware he's possessed to skate!"

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