Monday, March 14, 2011

Introducing Artie Slammo!

Ladies and Gentlemen... I'd like to introduce you to Artie Slammo.

Artie Slammo is a pseudonym that I had planned to work under to do pretty girl pin-up illustration. What has happened is that Slammo is starting to take on a life of his own. Slammo is not only an artist, he is an Adventure-Illustrator, bon vivant, and world traveler.

Artie Slammo has his own website and updates will be starting soon. You can follow him through Google Connect, on his site, to see the updates as they happen or follow him on Twitter.

In closing, and in his own words, " I'm putting the needle on the Hi*Fi while laying down sweet inky lines to bring you the most way-out chicks ever committed to paper."

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