Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marvel's Super Hero Squad

Now that the NDA is over, I thought I'd share a couple pieces I illustrated last year, for a children's card game, for The Marvel Super Hero Squad property. I played the role of the inker and/or colorist on most of the cards I had a hand in completing, but these two are all mine. I particularly had fun working on The Thing.

These images are © and ™ Marvel Entertainment.


  1. It's CLOBBERIN time!!!

    I love the Thing even though he'd never "clobber" a cute butterfly!!


  2. You rocked it man. Looks like this new cartoon mod style is startin' to pay off, eh? Keep it up!

  3. Thanks y'all!

    @Noah - This job happened before the cartoon modern style started taking over. So, we'll just have to see if it does indeed pay off.

    Stay Cool!